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Fine Art

Commission Work


My involvement with photography began with a Kodak Brownie Fiesta Camera, given to me at the age of ten to use on a trip to visit my father’s family in Switzerland. I fell in love with that simple plastic box which allowed me to capture, save and share some of the visual beauty of the country. Since that time I have always owned cameras, progressing to 35 mm, medium format and panorama cameras. I learned the art of processing and printing black and white film and in the last decade have been experimenting with digital based processes.


Now, fifty years into my love affair with the medium of photography, I have gone through phases of shooting landscapes, macro abstracts, portraits, street life, and peopled panoramas trying to record what Henri Cartier Bresson described as, "the decisive moment": Moments when, “swift chance, disarray, wonder and experiment” lead to an image which speaks to more than the subject at hand, much as a poem can convey meaning far beyond a literal interpretation.


The highest compliments I continue to receive are from friends and family with me while I shoot who say, “Wow, I was standing right there with you and did not see that.” Hopefully you too will find more to these photographs then their mere subject matter.


Conrad Gees


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